Animated NBA Playoff Highlights

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Richard Swarbrick lends his remarkable artistic talents to the world of sports once again with his animated NBA Playoff highlights. Commissioned and released by ESPN via Vine, the artist responsible for the animated tribute to Liverpool’s 2013-2014 season, has (so far) made animated gifs for:

Ibaka’s filthy block against the Spurs:

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Jaylen Brown impresses at Adidas Gauntlet

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Jaylen Brown, Class of 2015 Wheeler High School, stole the show this past weekend at the adidas Gauntlet in Indianapolis by dropping 48 points with remarkable efficiency. Brown (6’7) went 15-for-22 from the field, 6-for-10 in threes, 12-for-13 from the free-throw, all while grabbing 8 boards and 5 steals.

No surprise that several schools have gotten involved in scouting Brown, including Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and Ohio State.

Look for a commit from Brown sometime this summer.

Jaylen Brown on twitter:




Nas To Release ‘Lost Tapes 2′ On Mass Appeal Records

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According to Billboard, Nas and the newly launched Mass Appeal Records will finally release the Lost Tapes 2 after over 10 years of anticipation. Since relaunching Mass Appeal magazine last year with Peter Bittenbender (Decon) the duo have shifted the music operation that was Decon Records into the new label, Mass Appeal Records. Distributed through Sony RED, the label will features releases from signees Boldy James, Bishop Nehru, and Fashawn, in addition to a summer compilation featuring Future, Pusha T, Mac Miller, A$AP Mob and Nas himself.

“I’m excited to be a part of creating and supporting future careers and legacy artists, promoting love and finding new genius to help the world,” Nas said in an email. “I’m going to be as involved as I need to be, but I also want to be respectful of the art and give artists the space they need to grow and become themselves.”


Animated Sculpture by Takeshi Murata

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Digital-art impresario, Takeshi Murata recently premiered his animated sculpture, Melter 3-D at Ratio 3′s space at the Frieze art fair. Despite being physical, this impressive work never maintains a consistent form, appearing to melt into itself though the help of a rapid succession of static pictures and rotation.

Watch the video below to see the sculpture in action.

via The Creators Project

The Finish Line: Episode 1 | Steve Nash

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In Episode 1 of the new Grantland series, Steve Nash’s return to the Lakers is chronicled as he strives to preserve his career on the eve of his 40th birthday.

Top 10 All-Time Crossovers in All-Star History

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Uncle Drew Is Back

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Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew for another Pepsi Max commercial. Part 1.

This short vignette on Rakim will have Hip Hop heads buzzing with pride

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Rakim, the “god mc” who demonstrated the power of poetry in Hip Hop; who many respected rappers would put as their top lyricist; and who up until now has had very little involvement in the myriad of documentaries that include him, has given Hip Hop heads everywhere a dose of pride by participating in the short vignette, Words By Rakim.

Rakim, like many of his peers in hip hop royalty, guards his privacy well. And for good reason, as any film touching on the birth and transformation of Hip Hop is incomplete without him. Which is why this vignette by Matt Bieler is all the more compelling. The stellar editing, shots, and recorded poetic deliveries provide a brief and intimate moment with one of the greatest emcees and poets to ever live.

Urbex: The photographic journey of urban decay by Niki Feijen

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“Do you ever wonder what lies BEHIND the fence, past the DO NOT ENTER sign?”

Niki Feijen does.

Born in the Netherlands and experimenting with photography since he was a kid, Feijen has built a prolific portfolio of Urbex photography from around the world, including the infamous radioactive site Chernobyl.

Urbex, short for Urban Exploring, is “the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment.” (via)

Feijen’s lens takes us to places forgotten and decaying. Places from another time that continue to tell stories of who was there and the lives they lived. Places that are haunting and sentimental and beautiful.

His first book, Disciple of Decay, was released last year and is now sold out. According to his website, he is in the process of publishing his next book,Frozen in Time, to release later this year

Step into Niki’s world, “The beauty of decay, the Art of Urbex.”

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Adoree Jackson signs to USC

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Two years ago we spotlighted Adoree’ Jackson, the explosive defensive back from Junipero Serra High School, and today we’d like to give a huge shout to “Lavish Sweet Pea” on taking it to the next level and committing to USC.

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